Muslim Culture of India

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In the Islamic culture, Islamic art is also considered as a part of the culture and it is also known as art. There are various Islamic paintings, Islamic wallpapers that are available in the market. These are available in different forms such as prints, digital wallpapers, HD wallpapers, videos and images. All the materials available in the market are not only beautiful but also attractive. One of the most common Muslim art is the picture of the holy prophet Mohammed. It is considered to be a must for any Muslim person to have a picture of the Prophet when he/she goes out on a journey.

The other form of Islamic art is known as Islamic wallpaper. There are many websites on the internet that offers different kinds of Islamic wallpapers for free. There are also some sites which offer different kind of Islamic wallpaper at a cheap price. These kinds of pictures are available in a variety of themes, colors and sizes. The Islamic wallpapers also consist of various types of artworks like paintings, pictures, images, paintings etc. This type of Islamic artworks is also known as Islamic graffiti.

Some of the Islamic wallpaper also include pictures of various kinds of places, cities and even the natural landscapes and many more. There are many artists who are doing the work of translating these Islamic wallpapers into different languages. The translation of the wallpapers is done using different forms of texts. These text forms come from different languages. These forms usually include Arabic, Urdu, Naskh and other Islamic languages.